Creating rooms to breathe

Attention, Equality, Ease, Appreciation, Encouragment, Feelings, Information, Diversity, Incisive Questions and Place are the 10 components of a „thinking environment“ according to Nancy Kline.

I like this concept because it perfectly resembles the creation of a „safe container“ – or „Entfaltungsraum“ – in which the cultural rules about what is OK to say could be suspended and real learning can take place. Tasting the water we swim and reflecting about the stories by which we are shaped, is something no high-speed environment can offer. We need intellectual breathing rooms like this. And the shaping of these kind of rooms is essential part of our profession. Why? Because, meaning „doesn’t arise first in each individual and then in the action of transmitting, as in the dominant discourse, but in the interaction between the communicating individuals“*, it arises and changes through conversations.

There is no place outside – not even for the consultant.

*Stacey, R.: Understanding Organizations as Complex Responsive Processes of Relating, s. 158, in: Bushe/Marshak: Dialogic OD


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