Just big enough?

I began to work the clay of my own life again,
to mold the territory of my own belonging.
David Whyte

It all begins with stepping out of our every day life’s business and busyness. With breathing. Decelerating. And then, stepping into a world that is no longer codifying the story of analysis and separation. Leaving behind the never ending black and white. At the altar of gobal connectedness we sacrifice our local intimicy. And this not just since #corona.

Our new pillow book POWER OF STORY I STORIES OF POWER is trying to de-construct discoursive dominance, and re-construct the value of the plural of creation. Change starts with reflexivity. That we have learned. And that we suffer from.

Collectively, we find ourselves in a boxing ring without spectators, frozen in a fighting mode: We secure our borders to create fortresses against migration, we are at war with a virus, we fight against unemployment and climate change. It seems that “war stories” are central to our way of world making.

Making home
Without refuge, in moments of crisis and fear, we run backwards to old stories of the past. But the grand narratives of the 20th century do no longer provide a shelter. Closing borders or othering people based on single traits, defining enemies to fight against, will not save us.

Climate change and SarsCoV-2 show us forcefully, that we can not live against the world but need to find a way to live with it. And feeling home is probably not bound to the place we were born or one single story, but something that is constantly in motion like the world that surrounds us.

The Austrian writer Christoph Ransmayr sees home as a “narrow stretch of land that leads through childhood and through the hearts. Beyond it, everyone is a stranger, a foreigner or a refugee and depends on the help and support of natives.” We get what we give. And the question is if we show up as colonizers or refugees. We will be welcomed accordingly.

It is about the stories we use to make stories. Stories of diversity, multitude – breathing stories – that accommodate the changing dynamics of life. Local stories, small stories, just big enough stories. Stories of interconnectedness and synchronicity. Stories without copyright, fluid stories. Ready to be shared like seeds, planted along the curves of COVID-19, creating edible gardens. Serve yourself, there is enough food for everyone.

As people concerned with transformation and change, our concern is and should be about the flow of the story and restoring the ability to maneuver, to act, to set one foot before the other, unearthing the potential to remove obstacles for development and new insights:

Sometimes it needs a name for a story not yet written, to clear the path, to open doors into the unknown, to think, feel and act differently. In some cases, this naming can be a first step to leave the story behind, to heal and to move on. In some cases, it needs a re-naming of an all-to-familiar story, to find a different opening, a different meaning in it. And sometimes we have to resist the naming and suspend the meaning, so that different doors are unlocked.

Being present with the process of not-naming, naming, and re-naming is the work. Opening cracks, so that light can shine. Opening passages, opening doors. Story-Work.

Enjoy our offerings in this big enough book!
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