Stories and realities are no opposites …

Stories and realities are no opposites. Documenting reality and the will to create are deeply linked. The film #Nomadland, which just won the Oscars for best film and best directress proves that. Congrats to heroine Chloé Zhao! Applause!

Film team left to right: Wolfgang Tonninger (director), Kurt Razelli (music), Philipp Hochmair (actor), Christian Höll (sound, light), Walter Fanninger (camera), Siegrid Cain (still photography), Omar Khir Alanam (actor) 

It makes us aware of the fact that reality content does not provide a criterion in film for distinguishing between fiction and documentary. What makes documentary film work so special is that you programmatically chase your own staging and doing so that you are constantly overtaken by reality. In that sense, the art of documentation is indeed an art – linked to the will to create.

I am talking about a form of creation that is experimental, dialogical and reflexive at the same time. We don’t prescribe what is to be said or done. Instead, we set guard rails in which the protagonists move scenically. Surprise and ongoing conceptual re-adaptation is an essential part of the game.

Like the stories we tell about ourselves set guard rails in which me move. The StoryCamp in Paretz will offer this kind of guard rail setting where we can experience the dynamics of identity construction.

… Work and Vacation neither

Die Veranstaltungen von BeyondStorytelling sind für mich gesetzt. Es gibt eine Geling-, Lern- und Erlebnisgarantie. Man geht reich beschenkt aus den Konferenzen. Neue Methoden, mehr Wissen, spannende Kontakte und das ganze mit einer freudvollen Leichtigkeit. Fühlt sich nicht an wie eine Konferenz, sondern eher wie Urlaub.
Karin Kiesl, Participant LINGENAU 2019

The StoryCamp Paretz at a glance

  • Inspiring encounters with Story Workers from different fields
  • A place to cross and re-define the borders of narrative discipline
  • Self-organized workshops and deep-dive sessions
  • Unusual spaces to co-create ideas, prototype projects and get creative input
  • A light, but carefully designed camp format
  • Two lunches and three dinner to lean back, network, and just enjoy
  • A rural and decelerating surrounding

Register here:

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