About this blog project

Although the narrative approach certainly makes good use of the notion of storying, we are not entirely happy with the term. Because „Narrative Work with People and/in Organizations“ goes far beyond the storytelling hype. It is about learning to avoid ways of speaking and listening that unintentionally express disrespect for others. We want to focus on ways of producing ourselves differently. It is a lifestyle and political project as much as coaching. We have learned to focus on personal deficits in ways that speak of failure rather than accomplishment, that produce social hierarchies (experts who often appear to know more about people´s lives than they do themselves), and that erode our sense of communal interdependence and common purpose.

The project is initiated by ALMBLITZ and based on the belief that the success of money and benchmark driven organizations has become its limitation: because the old organizational model based on the tools of control has no answer to human hopes, values, interests, needs. On the other hand organizations are forced to dump these tools and empower their employees in order to stay innovative and agile (and of course productive) in complex environments.

Machines produce sameness. Human systems like organizations create diversity. The narrative approach helps to co-construct unity in diversity. An ambitious project.

This positioning based on a re-reading of the first paragraphs of Chapter II in the book by John Winslade: Narrative Therapy in Practice. Archeology of Hope.